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“The Diver Medic” was created by Chantelle Newman in 2010. Chantelle created a Facebook page to help promote safety in Diving and help provide medical information to Divers around the world. The Facebook group has been a hit around the world and divers are learning new skills and ideas everyday.


Chantelle with her EMS and Diving background has also been working on providing the Diver Medical Technician course and worked at not only being a IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) approved training facility but also able to provide the Recreational Divers with the DAN Europe DMT course as well.  Chantelle is also an IMCA DMT Advisor for new ventures worldwide.


Code Blue Education Ltd and The Diver Medic Ltd are two companies who work together in supplying up to date information on diving safety and diving medicine to everyone who is willing to learn.

About Us

Our team of instructors are from various backgrounds such as Offshore Divers, Dive Supervisors, Hyperbaric Doctors, Paramedics, Dive Doctors, Specialist Nurses, Military personal, NASA personal, Aviation personal and EMS personal.


We are very pleased and excited to have Dr Maarten Van Kets working in partnership with us and providing training on the Diver Medic courses. Dr Van Kets is not only a Diving Doctor and Commercial Diver but he is also on the Diving and Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). Dr Van Kets has been working with us to ensure we provide quality training and the most up to date medical information to all our students.


The Diver Medic is now a worldwide organisation and has moved its IMCA training over to the Netherlands, Mijdrect (Amsterdam).  We have a well equipment and very large facility with a Hyperbaric Chamber for all our hands on training. We are working in partnership with Interdive Torquay, United Kingdom and in Norway with NYD Commercial Diving School.



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