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Next 10 DAY IMCA DMT in the UK:

7th to 18th August 2017 - Interdive Torquay, UK



Next 10 DAY IMCA DMT in Norway

26th August to 4th September = NYD, Oslo, Norway

Email: hl@nyd.no


IMCA DMT 5 day refresher dates:

18th Sept to 22nd Sept - Interdive Torquay, UK

23rd Oct to 27th Oct - Interdive Torquay, UK

27th Nov to 1st Dec - Interdive Torquay, UK

18th Dec to 22nd Dec - Interdive Torquay, UK


Email: info@interdive.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1803 311222

Mobile: +44 (0)7748694339


Course Dates


 Dive Supplies Holland, Duik Acadamie Mijdrecht, Netherlands - No longer have IMCA DMT training status - Jan Grootaert is no longer affiliated with The Diver Medic, IMCA or Code Blue Education.