IMCA DMT Commercial

IMCA DMT for Commercial Divers

IMCA Accredited DMT Course

While offshore diving, there is a requirement that one member of a dive team who is not diving, other than the supervisor, should be trained in advance first aid – generally referred to as a ‘diver medic’. The Diver Medic Technician course is designed under the IMCA accreditation to meet this need. Diver medic training requires refresher training at regular (two-yearly) intervals.

 This course is 80-hours plus of intensive study run over two weeks. The course aims to prepare the student for the position of Diver Medic Technician. Delegates will be provided the knowledge and skills to provide basic and advanced care to anyone injured in diving related work and recreational environments. The syllabus will ensure that trainees are trained in all required subject areas.

To gain IMCA DMT certification as an offshore diver, you must:


Commercial Diver Participants

Must hold a valid medical certification (for Commercial Divers needing IMCA DMT)
For IMCA offshore diver accreditation, in addition to the above, candidates must also hold an IMCA qualification in offshore diving (or IMCA recognised equivalent)

Should at least hold a current BLS/First Aid Certification
Certification -
IMCA – Certified Diver Medical Technician – valid for 2 years

Refresher Courses -
Once you have completed the initial DMT course you are required to undertake a refresher every two years (from 1st July 2013) prior to the expiry date of your previous course.

The five day refresher course will enable you to refresh your skills and knowledge in all areas formerly taught and to learn any new updates that have been made in the preceding three years.
Ensuring your skills are kept up to date is vital to ensure that you are prepared and confident to act if faced with a medical emergency
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